Reshape perceptions

Clay is an audio-first app for anyone that helps monitor and improve mental wellness.

private beta coming soon!

How clay helps you

start easily

Clay is as simple as making a phone call. Use it as a smart journal to guide your self-exploration.

learn what to change

Clay notices stressors and patterns that are hard to identify on your own. It organizes them, so they are easy to identify.

see things differently

Reframe these perceptions and bring insights to your conversations with care providers.

Say it to clay

Clay uses your voice and what you say to identify growth areas, all with no judgement

You can always just start recording and say whatever you want. we'll take care of the rest.

We have prompts to choose from, if you're in need of a guide.

Address your patterns and monitor your progress. Refer back to previous sessions or share with your support system.

Link with your care

Take charge of mental health with Clay. You can use the app with a therapist, giving you both powerful insights. Therapists, please reach out to us on how we can build with you!

session recaps
share progress

our values


We want to help people, plain and simple. Clay is a project born from personal experience, so we get it.


We believe the world can be more innovative without being less private. You should trust us to give you the privacy you deserve.


We want results for people. That means research, evidence-based decisions, and efficacy without compromising our other values.

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